Fun Family Quizzes

Time to Rhyme

How fast can you think of rhyming words that fit into context? Try this fun little puzzle and find out. It seems like it’s a pushover but it just might offer a bigger challenge that it appears. Quiz your friends with it and see how fast, or maybe not so fast, it takes them to […]

Mental exercises for brain fitness

Anagram Aches

Remember the movie Forest Gump with Tom Hanks? The movie starts with Forest sitting on a park bench eating from a box of chocolates. Well that scene was the inspiration for the cover of the book from which the brain game below was taken. However, instead of Forest’s statement “Stupid is as stupid does”, the […]

Puzzles to improve your brain

Bathing Beauties

Here’s a cool puzzle for you that you’re really going to like. It may seem a bit intimidating at first but once you dive into it I think you’ll get the answer pretty quickly. Enjoy! The same letter is missing 18 times in the string of letters below. Determine the letter, insert it in the […]

Fun family brain games

Frase Daze

Are you going to be traveling with your family during the Easter break? Here’s a game to play while heading for grandma’s house. Everybody can chime in with their answers, even the kids. Determine two words associated with the pair of clues that will form a well-known two-word phrase. Example: deceased, exhausted   Answer: dead tired […]

Puzzles to improve your brain and teahers

City Crisis

Do you have order in your life? Are you good are getting things in order and keeping them in that way? If your answer is yes, well now is your chance to prove it with the following word game taken from the book If You’re So Smart, Prove It!. In what order are the following […]

Puzzles that make you smarter

Tricky Traits

I have an intriguing puzzle for you taken from the book If You’re So Smart, Prove It!. You may find it challenging, yet the answers will be staring you in the face. See how fast you’re able to solve it. It’s a five part word game that goes like this: Each of the following five […]

Puzzles that make you smarter

Crazy Frases

Have you ever noticed how some phrases seem rather dumb? I’m referring to paradoxical phrases or to be more specific, oxymorons. For instance, doesn’t “pretty ugly” seem totally absurd and self-contradictory? Come on! Pretty is to be beautiful and ugly is the exact opposite. Well anyway, I have made up word quizzes using such ridiculous […]

Fun Family Quizzes

Wear Is the Answer

Here’s a fun puzzle that is all about common wearing apparel. It is taken from page 45 of my latest book entitled The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers. As with my other brain teasers that have a list clues like the one below, the quizzes typically get more challenging as you […]

Puzzles to improve your brain and teahers

Triple Play

How are you at rhymes? Now’s the time to find out. This game was taken from my book entitled If You So Smart, Prove It!, Amusing Word Games For All Ages. Try it. Determine three rhyming words associated with each group of clues. Example: sightless, intellect, good-hearted   Answer: blind, mind, kind combat, correct, after dark […]

Fun family brain games

Cleaning Confusion

If you have been following my blog and working my brain games I’m sure you’ve found my games to be different than the common types found in other books of brain teasers. My goal is to devise puzzles that are clever with surprising answers. The brain teasers may seem challenging at first but when the […]