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Are you going to be traveling with your family during the Easter break? Here’s a game to play while heading for grandma’s house. Everybody can chime in with their answers, even the kids.

Determine two words associated with the pair of clues that will form a well-known two-word phrase.
Example: deceased, exhausted   Answer: dead tired

  1. precipitation, money order
  2. not firm, swallow
  3. currency, famished
  4. simple, thoroughfare
  5. sightless, a fruit
  6. deflated, smashedFun family brain games

There is a bunch more of this type of puzzle on page 56 of the book shown on the right. It’s one of the word games that are used to determine your MISERY Quotation. MISERY stands for Mental Imagery of Solutions & Explanations with Regard to You. It’s way more fun than a plain old IQ (intelligent Quotation). Check it out and have fun.

Answers are below.











Answers: 1. rain check 2. soft drink 3. money hungry 4. easy street 5. blind date 6. flat broke


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