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Tricky Traits

I have an intriguing puzzle for you taken from the book If You’re So Smart, Prove It!. You may findPuzzles that make you smarter it challenging, yet the answers will be staring you in the face. See how fast you’re able to solve it. It’s a five part word game that goes like this:

Each of the following five sentences has an unusual characteristic.
What are the five different characteristics?

  1. Little puzzles usually appear difficult.
  2. A broken collarbone doesn’t ever feel good.
  3. Nine boys went home with toys that they made.
  4. When Steven feels depressed he never remembers.
  5. I do not like steak served without seasoned mushrooms.

Of all the people that I’ve given this puzzle to, almost everyone gets hung up on at least one of the sentences. How did you do? If you haven’t got all five answers, don’t give up. Don’t look below. Keep on studying because once you see the answer it’ll be it was soooo obvious. And if you give up you’ll feel you’re as dumb as a box of rocks and of course that’s not the case. Right?










  1. Each word has double letters. 2. Beginning letters of the words are in alphabetical order. 3. All words are four letters long. 4. The letter e is the only vowel. 5. The words are in order of increasing numbers of letters.
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