Are You Smart, or What?
A Bizarre Book of Games
& Fun for Everyone
  • Challenging, yet light-hearted word games that are amazing & amusing for ages 8 - 88
  • 3 sections: Mental Warm-ups, Mental Workout and Mental Migraines
  • Encrypted individual answers make it impossible to cheat
  • Amusing scheme for scoring solving ability

Sample Games
Smart Is as Smart Does
Brain Games to Reveal
the Genius in You
  • Intriguing word games to entertain all ages
  • 3 sections of increasing challenge
  • Playful evaluations of reader brain power for each section
  • Answers are individually accessed to prevent seeing them accidentally
  • Endorsed by Betty White & Smarter than a 5th Grader host Jeff Foxworthy

Sample Games

If You're So Smart, Prove It!
Amusing Word Games For All Ages
  • Wide variety of highly clever word games for readers young and old
  • Answers are surprising: they are obvious but often overlooked.
  • Clever mental exercises that improves thinking, concentration & memory
  • Ingeniously concealed answers
  • Endorsed by the High IQ Society and Terry Stickels, syndicated writer and puzzle author.

Sample Games
So You Think You're Smart
150 Fun and Challenging
Brain Teasers
  • Word, visual, logic & spatial brain games devised for the entire family
  • Only common sense & resourcefulness is required to solve
  • Answers are revealed using a provided unbreakable plastic mirror
  • Amusing page for gift personalization
  • 18th printing of book
  • Featured on Saturday Night Live

Sample Games

The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet
with Surprising Answers
  • Tantalizingly clever word games for the entire family
  • An illustration for each puzzle reveals its degree of challenge
  • A witty gift-giving page provides personalization to the recipient
  • Answers are ingeniously presented to make it impossible to see them accidentally
  • Endorsed by Regis Philbin

Sample Games
Excruciatingly Challenging Brain Games
for the Super Intelligent
  • All puzzles are solvable.
  • All wording is straightforward.
  • There are no tricks.
  • All answers are provided.

Seriously Amusing
  • Travel sized fun for the whole family