Testimonials for the book The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet

With Surprising Answers

Media Testimonials

“What a great idea. Everybody loves a good puzzle. I’ll admit – I have to go back to Notre Dame for at least 3 years to give you all the answers but they are not only clever, they’re funny and you did a great job putting it all together.”
~ Regis Philbin

Reader Testimonials

"I have been waiting for another book by Pat Battaglia. Hooray! My nightstand won't be lonely and I am now testing my brain again at bedtime. This book is as much fun as the others, reminding me that I am smarter than a fifth grader, sometimes. I am seventy-two years old and fret about getting Alzheimer's like my mom, so these brain games help to keep my mind active. This book can be challenging, a good thing, but I am enjoying the variety of questions and Pat's humor when he employs what seems like a simple problem. I can complete the answers to a full page, sometimes miss two or more, but then I go back because I can't allow the author to win too many times. I plan to purchase copies for friends."
~ Jean Andrews
"I am almost 70 years old and concerned about my deteriorating mental state. A well meant friend gifted me a copy of “The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet”, and immediately I find myself riveted to the many brilliant brain games. They are stimulating, fascinating, and hilarious. When my buddies come over, this little fun book turns our little party hysterical. The ingenuity of the author can even be noted in how he designs and hides the answers. Fantastic gift for all ages."
~ Mike Wong
"Just received the latest book by Pat Battaglia. I have all of his brain teaser books and love them all. His books are the perfect addition to a road trip, a family gathering, or just a small dinner party. I also use the puzzles at work for a warm-up exercise before starting a brainstorming session with the team. His latest piece of work is a homerun!! Keep them coming!"
~ Amy - Delaware
"These brain games are loads of fun! My husband and I enjoy challenging our kids with these clever games and our kids like to bring them to school to challenge their teachers!"
~ Joyce Heggie
"Dr. Fun continues to challenge with this latest edition of conundrums and puzzlers. Some of the answers came easily, some took a little thought . . . and some I have repeatedly marked to come back to before I admit defeat and check the answer. One thing is certain, a few of these puzzles every day will definitely keep your brain active."
~ J. D. Leatherman


"I have enjoyed several of Pat Battaglia's books in the past. I think this one is great. The puzzles offer something for everyone over the age of 12. My wife and I can't believe how simple some of the puzzles are when you see the answers. Great for car rides or to challenge your mind instead of watching TV. Don't be surprised if your teenagers get the answers before you do. Keep them coming!"
~ Lou Mintzer
"Pat (Dr. Fun) has done it again. I have shared this book with my 3 sons. Planned on giving it to the family as a Christmas gift, but could not wait to share. We loved the new "characters". Perfect for passing time as a family while traveling."
~ John Lynch
"What a great book! It really challenges you to be a deep thinker. It's fun to do with others or by yourself and would make a great gift. I highly recommend this book."
~ M. Anderson
"I have been a fan of Pat's entertaining puzzles since his earliest days as a regular in the Niagara Gazette. Pat's carefully crafted brain teasers, which meld simplicity and sophistication, are thoughtfully engaging and never discouraging. Sometimes the answers are hiding in plain sight and you'll find yourself chuckling that you missed such an easy solution. I must warn you, however, there's no hiding what you are reading. You can easily spot a reader of The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet. They're the ones holding the book upside down and peering through a page to see what's on the opposite side. Like his puzzles, Pat has devised a clever way to reveal the answers so not to inadvertently spoil the fun for you."
~ Frank M.
"Like his other great brain teasing books, Dr. Fun continues to challenge your wits with his latest edition. Each page has new twists making you beg for the answer. Our 13 year old daughters rolled their eye at first glance of the book entering our home. Having left it on the counter for consumption, they casually picked it up and began to take on Dr. Fun. It was not long before we were all trying to race to come up with answers while making dinner together.
A clever feature in the paperback edition is the self revealing window pane answer key. Typical puzzle books have the answer key at the bottom of the page that are all too often seen by wondering eyes while searching for an answer. Dr. Fun solves this problem, cleverly, by the placing the answer key upside down on the next page. When you rotate the book and hold the page up to the light, the answer reveals itself through a dedicated window pane.
Dr. Fun never seems to disappoint. "
~ Clifton

Testimonials from the book Are You Smart, or What?

A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone

Media Testimonials

"fascinating puzzle book of brain teasers for all ages and educational backgrounds. Challenging and lighthearted. Are You Smart, or What? is the perfect gift book. Highly recommended."
~ Jim Cox, The Midwest Book Review
"I'm not at all partial to puzzles, but I had to solve almost every one in this book before I could set it aside."
~ Tom Elliot, MENSA Bulletin
"I love puzzles and this is one of the greatest word game books I have ever read. Lighthearted and fun it still proved challenging. The answers are basic and obvious but somehow often elude the reader. When I could not figure one out and had to look at the answer it was always followed with a groan as I realized that I had overlooked the obvious. A great gift idea that the whole family will enjoy, I highly recommend this book."
~ Harold McFarland, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer
"Dr. Fun's book, "Are You Smart or What?" is guaranteed to keep your kids occupied and entertained during even the longest road trip. Great word games and challenges - even (or especially for) adults!"
~ Marisa D'Vari, Author/Consultant/Speaker
"This book's puzzles are so good they should be read with gloves. Why? They'll help protect the readers who'll slap their foreheads and yell "God! How could I miss that!""
~ Erik Stetson, Soundings (Virginia Military Newspapers)
"The perfect gift book for that special someone who thinks he/she is the brainiac of the group. Very cleverly laid out answers uniquely concealed in the book."
~ Eric Dondero, Independent Publishing Reviews
"This is a fun book that can be enjoyed by the whole family."
~ The Nashville News (Nashville, TN)
"It's a great book for couples, and family fun. Everyone can participate."
~ The Courier Times (Sutherland, NE)
"Battaglia, a former rocket scientist, has put together a collection of clever challenges with surprising answers and amusing features. But unlike rocket science, the games are easy to understand and are fun for readers of all ages."
~ Modesto Bee (Modesto, CA)

Reader Testimonials

"The ultimate way to tease and tickle your brain! Clever and challenging. Wonderful puzzles that make you think and keep you wanting more. Simple but unique way of discovering solutions and adding up points. Kept me interested for hours!"
~ Leanne DeHope, Madison, NJ
"Once I got started I discovered it [the games] captivating and soon found I must limit my time with it or I wouldn't get anything else accomplished during the day. It brings me enjoyment each time I go back to it."
~ Vince Saeli, Williamsville, NY
"I used puzzles and brainteasers from your books to get them [English students] thinking. Out of a class of 15 low-achieving students, 6 of them raised their grades by one or two letter grades, and 8 of them scored proficient on their end-of-course state test."
~ Tenley Andrews, English Teacher, A. L. High School, Kannapolis, NC
"Is it normal to get a plethora of amazing Christmas gifts but ignore them all to focus on a book of games? In my case, and clearly what appears to many others, ABSOLUTELY!! Being a college student I have a pretty busy schedule, but I occasionally like to escape from the realities of schoolwork and delve into puzzle books. (They are fun, yet intend to be challenging) The problem arises when I find myself with Goldilock Syndrome, Some are too easy while others are just too hard. When my mother gave me "Are You Smart, or What?" I finally found the perfect combination. Easy and hard now peacefully coexisted in a book of fun where brains were a plus, but cleverness was the key."
~ Brooke Lo Faso, Raleigh, NC
"I love this kind of book. These puzzles are more satisfying than crosswords and word searches. Keep up the good work."
~ Viola McIntosh, New York, NY
"Excellent book! The puzzles are the perfect brain teaser. Each page keeps you wanting more. Pat has done it again."
~ Omar Zuberi, Birmingham, AL
"I love this book! It's cool. It'll make great gifts."
~ Elizabeth Mehrling, Stanley, NC
"Your puzzles are great! We're having so much fun with them. You are so creative."
~ Nancy Pfingstag, Kannapolis, NC
"I truly enjoy your books and puzzles. I teach 9th grade English and use the puzzles with my students to "warm-up" their brains."
~ Janice Waterhouse, Lake Luzerne, NY
"Your puzzles are really very cool!!!"
~ Pratik Gupta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Testimonials from the book If You're So Smart, Prove It!

Amusing Word Games For All Ages

Reader Testimonials

"Pat Battaglia has long been considered one of America's puzzle writing gems. This new book of 101 word puzzles for kids from 6 to 106 will delight even those who say they don't like puzzles."
~ Terry Stickels, syndicated writer and puzzle author
"Pat has done it again with this brilliant new collection of irresistible word games!"
~ Nathan Haselbauer, International High IQ Society
"Pat Battaglia has produced another fun book of cerebral challenges guaranteed to give you hours of mental exercise and entertainment. As the subtitle states, these are amusing word games for all ages. Fittingly, I am giving copies to my exceptionally gifted children as well as their equally bright grandparents who are retired from academia."
~ Jack Pittman, Raleigh, NC
"My husband, daughter and I had a lot of fun working out these word games. It's a really fun book that challenges your mind in many different ways. As I read some of the word games I was amazed at how incredible Pat Battaglia's imagination is to come up with the questions. I highly recommend this book."
~ M. Anderson, Niagara Falls, NY
"Once again Pat has me and my family laughing out loud as we team up to solve the riddles in this book. Some of the word plays are simple and the grade school cousins join in, sometimes even my latin-schooled father scratches his head. You'll love this one!"
~ Raechel Ann Curiel, Harrisburg, NC


"I've really enjoyed sharing these puzzles with my neighbors from 9 years old to seniors. I look forward to sharing it with my grandchildren. Thanks!"
~ Betty Leone, Charlotte, NC
"Infuriating Wonderful!"
~ John Wakefield, Charlotte, NC
"This book is so much fun! It will keep you and your friends and family thinking, guessing and laughing for days."
~ Gary Chatari, Charlotte, NC
"Was it William Saroyan who said, "Only the boring are ever bored?" With If You're So Smart, Prove It! you will never be bored OR boring. Pat Battaglia's books tickle your brain and give you or your children fun for hours."
~ Doris Clarke, New York, NY
"Pat has done it again with this brilliant new collection of irresistible word games!"
~ Nathan Haselbauer, President, International High IQ Society

Testimonials from the book So You Think You're Smart

150 Fun and Challenging Brain Teasers

Reader Testimonials

"Ideal for parties or simple personal enjoyment, So You Think You're Smart is enthusiastically recommended as a fun and engaging selection of riddles to challenge readers of all educational backgrounds."
~ Jim Cox, The Midwest Book Review
"Brilliant, challenging and fun! Great for the whole family. A must for long car rides and airplane trips. We love your books and were surprised one night when we were watching Saturday Night Live and saw your book featured in a skit!"
~ Leanne DeHope, Madison, NJ
"Wow! I planned on spending about a half an hour working on these challenging mind bogglers, next thing I knew I was depriving myself of many hours of much needed sleep and enjoying every moment of it. If you want a mental challenge and some real mental stimulation (the key to maintaining a mental acuity at any age) then this is the book."
~ Dr. Richard J. Shick, Winter Haven, FL
"Terrific book of brain teasers. We were challenged and had fun at the same time. We are compelled to share it with others who love brain teasers."
~ Ed & Alycen Carroll, Tinton Falls, NJ


"Great book of word games and logic puzzles! I love the wide variety and the cleverness of the puzzles. They are challenging and fun to work on. The book makes a perfect gift for "know-it-all" friends."
~ Dr. John Heggie, Charlotte, NC
"Great for exercising the brain. It's fun, too. It's amazing how easy the answers were once I got them, if I got them."
~ Tammy Capozzi, Tonawanda, NY
"I think the book is great. The puzzles are just difficult enough to make you think about the answers, but not so difficult that you give up on them. The mirror is a very novel way of getting answers."
~ Doris Robinson, Rumson, NJ
"To solve any one of these brain teasers is just the boost I needed to solve some real life challenges."
~ T. Ross Kirwan, Arcata, CA

Testimonials from the book Smart Is as Smart Does

Brain Games to Reveal the Genius in You

Media Testimonials

"Being "SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER" is only the beginning! The book made me really think. I loved it!"
~ Jeff Foxworthy
"The wonderful thing about this book is it is portable mental exercise. Enjoy"
~ Betty White
"You don't have to be an "Einstein" to figure out the puzzles, but you gotta have a sense of humor! What a pleasant way to expand your knowledge."
~ Marcus Hamilton, Cartoonist on daily Dennis the Menace panels
"A fun way to stretch your brain! Battaglia was smart to avoid puzzles that no amount of smarts could figure out, like how come so many stupid politicians get elected to office?"
~ Nick Meglin, Editor Emeritus, MAD Magazine
Geniuses are made, not born. "Smart Is As Smart Does: Brain Games to Reveal the Genius in You" is an activity and trivia book from 'Dr. Fun' Pat Battaglia, who encourages readers to test their mind and keep it sharp even if they can't exactly fully understand the fine specifics of Einstein's theory of relativity. From mathematics to English and much more, "Smart Is As Smart Does" is educational, entertaining, and quite useful, a must for anyone who wants to get those cobwebs of disuse out of their gray matter.
~ Midwest Book Review

Reader Testimonials

"This book is excellent for testing your ability to figure things out, it really makes you think...and it's a lot of fun!"
~ M. Anderson, Niagara Falls, NY