Win a Cash Award

Submit your special word games and get rewarded

Send your favorite word games to Dr. Fun. If chosen for publication in his If You're So Smart? newspaper column you will receive:
  • A $5 award for each brain game chosen
  • Your name, city and state printed in the column as the contributor

Submission Guidelines

Word games/puzzles with the best chance of being chosen will be:
  • clever
  • concise
  • appealing to readers of all ages
  • solved with common knowledge and resourcefulness
  • answers that will seem surprisingly easy after becoming known
  • please, no crosswords, word search, mathematical games or trivia
Send your contribution two ways:
US mail: Send to Dr. Fun
4507 Panther Place
Charlotte, NC 28269

Only games chosen for publication can be acknowledged unless accompanied by a SASE. All games chosen for publication become the property of International Puzzle Features.