Pat Battaglia, aka Dr. Fun, is the author of five books of brain games and a newspaper puzzle column that has been in syndication for over 25 years. His unique brand of brain teasers has challenged and amused readers across America. He is a former rocket scientist who helped develop rockets used in the USA's space program to get man on the moon. However, his puzzles are definitely not rocket science.

Cleverness is one the distinctive features of his word games. His puzzles are devised to be tantalizingly challenging, yet lighthearted. Answers may initially elude readers but after becoming known they seem surprisingly self-evident.

Pat is a bit paranoid about people who read a puzzle and then take a furtive look at the answer without even trying to solve. That's not right! So all of his books include various intriguing schemes to prevent answers from being seen at a glance. However all answers are still readily available but not until readers deliberately seek them.

In addition to his games, Pat likes to add unusual features in his books. For instance, "Are You Smart, or What?, A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone" includes a playful scoring technique for each puzzle and a hilarious evaluation of brain power at the end of each of three sections to add to reader enjoyment. His book "Smart Is as Smart Does, Brain Games to Reveal the Genius in You" has much the same feature.

The book "So You Think You're Smart, 150 Fun and Challenging Brain Teasers" is also unique. All answers are given in a mirror image and an unbreakable plastic mirror is provided with every book to read the answer. Apparently people like this innovation because the book is in its 19th (and final) printing.

The answers in his book "If You're So Smart, Prove it!, Amusing Word Games For All Ages" presents answers in yet a different way. All answers are given upside-down on the opposite page and in a reduced size script font to obscure it from being read accidently.

His newest book, “The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers” has yet another innovation that you won’t find elsewhere. Each puzzle has an illustration of a character whose facial expression and body language reveals the degree of challenge that you will likely encounter.

Obviously, Pat is a fun-loving guy. When entertaining organizations with his word games he appears in costume as a stereotypical rocket scientist reminiscent of his former career. He is then known as Dr. Fun to the delight of his audiences.

Pat Battaglia


Dr. Fun