Seriously Amusing

Quirkundrums are intriguingly clever word games with amusing answers that make readers laugh out loud! The ingenuity of the puzzles and the humor of the answers is unprecedented in the world of puzzles. The games generate tons of laughs with family and friends. They also help keep minds sharp and healthy, too.
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Excruciatingly Challenging Brain Games
for the Super Intelligent

Excruciatingly Challenging Brain Games for the Super Intelligent is a bizarre assortment of the most mind-blowing brain teasers ever conceived! The book is only for those who have confidence in their mental ability and enjoy conquering a challenge. Slackers need not apply. Some puzzles may seem impossible but, of course, they’re not. You don’t have to be a genius to solve them, but you do need sound reasoning, logic and thinking skills along with a heavy dose of perseverance.
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The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet
With Surprising Answers

Dr. Fun’s The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers is the most intriguing collection of word games ever! The puzzles are in the unique style of author Pat Battaglia. His books and newspaper column has made him America’s favorite creator of ingenious mind games that are enjoyed by readers of all ages and educational levels.
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If You're So Smart, Prove It!
Amusing Word Games For All Ages

This book is loaded with a wide variety of playful word games that make you think 'outside the box'. The games are exceptionally clever and, most of all, a lot of fun. Get ready for some amusing and surprising answers! You may not get the correct answers right off the bat, but once you discover them you will wonder why they didn't dawn on sooner.
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Are You Smart, or What?
A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone

This playful book has any unusual assortment of word games that will both amaze and amuse readers of all ages. The games are highly clever and fun to solve. They're challenging, yet lighthearted. An answer may elude you, but when you read it you'll see that it was practically obvious and you'll slap your forehead for not getting it. It's even more fun when you quiz your family and friends. The fun is contagious!
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So You Think You're Smart
150 Fun and Challenging Brain Teasers

This is a book of intriguing word games that everyone in the family can enjoy. The games are concise, uncomplicated and, most of all, a lot of fun. They are about ordinary words that everybody knows so only common sense and a bit of resourcefulness are needed to solve them. All answers are concealed! They are read using a plastic mirror provided with each book. It's a clever idea that is practical, too.
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Smart Is As Smart Does
Brain Games to Reveal the Genius in You

This book is an eclectic collection of word games to tantalize, tease and boggle the brains of readers of all ages and educational levels. The mental challenges are clever and have surprising answers. They are satisfying and fun to solve and help improve memory, concentration and thinking skills. Jeff Foxworthy host of Smarter Than A 5th Grader loved the brain teasers. So did Betty White, You will too.
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