If You're So Smart, Prove It!
Amusing Word Games For All Ages

If You're So Smart, Prove It! Amusing Word Games For All Ages, is loaded with a wide variety of playful word games that make you think "outside the box". The games are exceptionally clever and, most of all, a lot of fun. Get ready for some amusing and surprising answers! You may not get the correct answers right off the bat, but once you discover them you will wonder why they didn't dawn on sooner.

Everybody can have fun with these games. Besides personal enjoyment, the games are great for family fun. They're perfect for gifts, traveling, vacations, and meeting/classroom warm-ups, too.

The mental exercises are particularly ideal for seniors/retirees. The brainteasers boost memory and concentration and improve overall mental health which helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Like Pat's other books, answers are individually concealed in an ingenious way, but different from his previous books. Each answer is very easily read when desired.

If you enjoyed Pat's previous books you will absolutely love this book, too.

For sample brainteasers from the book, click here.