The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet
With Surprising Answers

Dr. Fun’s The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers is the most intriguing collection of word games ever! The puzzles are in the unique style of author Pat Battaglia. His books and newspaper column has made him America’s favorite creator of ingenious mind games that are enjoyed by readers of all ages and educational levels.

Cleverness is the hallmark of these brain teasers. The games are tantalizingly challenging and have answers that may often elude you, but once they are known you’ll be totally amazed to see how incredibly simple and self-evident they are.

On each puzzle page there is an illustration of one of five interesting looking characters. Their facial expression and body language reveals the degree of challenge that you will likely encounter. It’s a fun innovation that you’re gonna like.

Another special feature is the technique of making sure the answers can’t be accidently seen. If they were, that would negate the fun of solving. So in this book the answers are revealed by turning the book upside-down facing the reverse side of the page to a light source and looking through the page!

For sample brainteasers from the book, click here.