Quirkundrums, Seriously Amusing

Quirkundrums, Seriously Amusing is a book of fun! Quirkundrums are an intriguing combination quirkiness and conundrums. More specifically, they are highly clever word games with amusing answers that bring smiles, chuckles and laughter to readers.

Quirkundrums are a new concept in wordplay, the 7th book of brain game mastermind Pat Battaglia. The ingenuity of the puzzles and the humor of the answers is unique in the world of puzzles.

The book is an ideal item to have when traveling by air or on a road trip. Everybody can chime in with answers and destinations seem to arrive sooner than expected. The book is small, so it easily fits into a pocket or purse.

The brain teasers are also a perfect way to generate laughs with the family at the dinner table. They help keep minds sharp and healthy, too.