Brain Games for Airline Travelers

You gotta get to the airport early to go through security. Then you hang around the airport terminal with nothing to do waiting to be boarded. Then you squeeze yourself in a seat that can only recline one inch and then proceed to be bored to death for the next, who knows how long.

Now you can put a stop to those annoying waiting times and actually engage your mind. How? By playing the brain games in Dr. Fun’s series of books. These short quizzes are intriguing as hell. (Well not really as hell, but you know what I mean.) You’ll be surprised to discover that ordinary words have some very peculiar properties that you never realized before. The games may seem challenging at first, but once to solve them you will be amazed how obvious the answers were.

Don’t worry about the quizzes being super tough. They are for readers of all educational levels. Even your kids will enjoy them. Don’t be embarrassed if they get the answers before you. All games were designed to be clever and that often results in some highly amusing answers. Check it out. You’ll see.

Because the games engage your mind, they actually help keep your memory, concentration and thinking skills in top form. In short, the games keep you mentally alert. That’s a great asset for anybody, but especially if you’re on a business trip and you need to have a clear mind when you step off the airplane.

As you probably already figured out, the games in these books are not just for airline travelers either. They are an entertaining diversion for all those otherwise boring waiting times. For instance, when sitting around in doctor’s waiting rooms. (Please don’t pick up any of those old magazines that have been handled by hundreds of sick people.) When waiting to get your car serviced is another annoying time and also when sitting around thinking how slow time passes before your child gets out of dance class or whatever other activity.

One more thing. Know someone going on a trip? The books make a fun gift for just about anyone.

Below are a couple of the many testimonials that I’ve received.

"Brilliant, challenging and fun! Great for the whole family. A must for long car rides and airplane trips. We love your books and were surprised one night when we were watching Saturday Night Live and saw your book featured in a skit!"
~ Leanne DeHope, Madison, NJ

"It's a great book for couples, and family fun. Everyone can participate."
~ The Courier Times (Sutherland, NE)