Brain Games for Car Trips with Kids

“Are we there yet?” You know the feeling. You’re taking the family on a car trip. Often time you’re doing it for them, going on a vacation to show them a nice time and what do you get in the meantime? Whining and bickering. “It’s mine, give it to me”, “He hit me”. “I’m hungry”. “I have to go again”. Wouldn’t it be nice to engage the kids – and the adults - in a fun activity while you travel to your destination? Well now you can!

Dr. Fun’s books of word games are the answer. These brain games are ideal for the entire family. All games are short and uncomplicated and easily understood by readers of practically all ages. Even kids as young as 7 or 8 years old will get a kick out of these games.

The games are clever and often have amusing answers that are pretty doggone funny. The quizzes make you think a bit but when the answers are discovered everyone will wonder how anyone could possibly not have thought of them sooner!

Not only are the games amusing, they will help the kids learn of ordinary words that have some mighty peculiar characteristics. They will actually enjoy learning something new.

But the games are not strictly for kids. Adults enjoy them just as much - probably even more. Everyone chimes in trying to be the first person to get the correct answer. That often results in some “off-beat” responses that gets everybody laughing and making jokes.

The result of playing the games is that time flies by, the trip seems shortened and the best part is that everyone enjoys being together and having fun. Can you image that!

Below are a couple of the many testimonials that I’ve received.

"Dr. Fun's book, "Are You Smart or What?" is guaranteed to keep your kids occupied and entertained during even the longest road trip. Great word games and challenges - even (or especially for) adults!"
~ Marisa D'Vari, Author/Consultant/Speaker

"This is a fun book that can be enjoyed by the whole family."
~ The Nashville News (Nashville, TN)