ATTENTION Newspaper Editors

If You're So Smart... is a once-a-week puzzle column has been in syndication for over 25 years. The feature is:
  • Interactive - readers are invited to respond and can receive cash awards
  • Fun for readers ages 8 to 88 - proven by reader responses
  • Challenging - yet the answers, when discovered, are surprisingly obvious.
  • Camera ready
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If You're So Smart... Can Increase Your Revenue! Here's How

It's true! Your newspaper will actually make money when publishing our weekly syndicated puzzle feature. Here's how:

1. Publish the If You're So Smart... puzzle column and place the answer next to a display ad.

2. Directly below the puzzle, print a statement notifying readers that the answer is next to the particular display ad. Identify the advertiser by name and identify the page where the ad appears.

3.That particular ad space is extremely valuable to advertisers because readers are directed to look for and find the advertiser's display ad and can read the ad and respond to it. The newspaper can therefore charge a premium for the space and advertisers will willingly pay it.

4. Result: Everybody wins!
  • Advertisers have their name known and their ad seen by all readers.
  • Advertisers receive increased revenue from responses to their ad.
  • Your newspaper receives increased revenue.
  • Column payment is only a portion of your increased revenue.
  • Readers are engaged in a refreshing new puzzle feature
  • Readers can win cash and get their name printed in the newspaper.
Pat Battaglia
International Puzzle Features
4507 Panther Place
Charlotte, NC28269
Phone: (704) 921-1818
Fax: (704) 597-1331

"Pat Battaglia's column remains a favorite among readers. If we inadvertently put the answer in a different spot, readers bombard us with calls. Their enthusiasm in solving the puzzles has remained strong over these many years."
Features Editor, Niagara Falls Gazette

"We have run Pat Battaglia's feature for a number of years. It is concise, offering our readers a quick, pleasant diversion."
Lifestyle Editor, Reading Eagle

"We added If You're So Smart ... to our editorial mix several months ago to give readers one more reason to pick up our paper, and we're happy to say it's working just fine. We receive steady, if not spectacular, communication from our readers on this feature; most often to tell us that one of the answers is wrong. That's never actually proven to be the case, but the puzzles are challenging enough to stump many readers even after they have the answer! It's been a nice, user-friendly addition to our pages."
Tucker Mitchell, publisher The Huntersville Herald