Word Games that Improve Thinking, Memory and Concentration

Let’s face it; everyone can use some improvement in their memory, concentration and thinking skills. The good news is that there is help, and get this, it is actually enjoyable to work on the improvement.

How? It’s playing (yes, I said playing) word games from the books written by Dr. Fun. He’s not called Dr. Fun for nothing, you know.

Yes, the brain games are fun but they are also challenging. Challenge is the way to improve just about anything of yourself, and your mind is no exception. The brain is like a muscle in that the more it is tested, the stronger it gets and the less it is used the weaker it gets. Like the old phrase states, “Use it or lose it”.

The brain teasers in Dr. Fun’s five books are like short quizzes guaranteed to tease and intrigue anyone from ages 8 to 88 and all educational levels. There all sorts of games. Because they are all different they use, and help strengthen, different parts of your brain. Some will challenge your memory, some will require you to concentrate and others will get you to think reasonably and logically.

Here’s proof. The following is an unsolicited testimonial from a teacher who used my brain games to make an incredible improvement in her students’ performance.

"I used puzzles and brainteasers from your books to get them [students] thinking. Out of a class of 15 low-achieving students, 6 of them raised their grades by one or two letter grades, and 8 of them scored proficient on their end-of-course state test."
~ Tenley Andrews, A. L. High School, Kannapolis, NC

But the brain teasers aren’t just for students, they’re for anybody, young and old, who want to boost their brain power while playing intriguing puzzles with surprising and amusing answers.

Below are a couple of the many testimonials that I’ve received.

"Great for exercising the brain. It's fun, too. It's amazing how easy the answers were once I got them, if I got them."
~ Tammy Capozzi, Tonawanda, NY

"Pat Battaglia has produced another fun book of cerebral challenges guaranteed to give you hours of mental exercise and entertainment. As the subtitle states, these are amusing word games for all ages. Fittingly, I am giving copies to my exceptionally gifted children as well as their equally bright grandparents who are retired from academia."
~ Jack Pittman, Raleigh, NC