Brain Games for Car Trips with Kids

“Are we there yet?” You know the feeling. You’re taking the family on a car trip. Often time you’re doing it for them, going on a vacation to show them a nice time and what do you get in the meantime? Whining and bickering. “It’s mine, give it to me”, “He hit me”. “I’m hungry”. “I have to go again”. Wouldn’t it be nice to engage the kids – and the adults - in a fun activity while you travel to your destination? Well now you can! read more

Brain Games for Airline Travelers

You gotta get to the airport early to go through security. Then you hang around the airport terminal with nothing to do waiting to be boarded. Then you squeeze yourself in a seat that can only recline one inch and then proceed to be bored to death for the next, who knows how long. read more

Word Games that Improve Thinking, Memory and Concentration

Let’s face it; everyone can use some improvement in their memory, concentration and thinking skills. The good news is that there is help, and get this, it is actually enjoyable to work on the improvement. read more