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Cleaning Confusion

If you have been following my blog and working my brain games I’m sure you’ve found my games to be different than the common types found in other books of brain teasers. My goal is to devise puzzles that are clever with surprising answers. The brain teasers may seem challenging at first but when the […]

Fun Challenges

Resolution Resolving

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you still on track with them? Here’s a puzzle about four people, John, Joyce, Jack and Rachel. Each of them made a single New Year resolution. From the facts below see if you can figure out who made what resolution. One person will buy a new […]

Puzzles for family fun

Staff Infection

You’re going to get a kick out of this word game. Medical doctors will enjoy it too. Not because it takes a doctor’s degree to solve it. It doesn’t. In fact, this puzzle is super easy. So why will doctors especially enjoy it? Because it mentions various doctor professions. But before I give you the […]

Games for family fun


Have you seen the movie Forest Gump? If you did, I’m sure you remember Forest sitting on a park bench and eating chocolates. During the movie he says “Stupid is as stupid does”. Do you remember that too? Well if these items are familiar to you take a look at the image above. Of course […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Vexing Vehicle

Here is a quick little mental challenge about cars. Now if you don’t much about cars, you needn’t worry. I guarantee you will know what is necessary to solve this clever little brain teaser. Give it a try. Ford has 3 Pontiac has 4 Cadillac has 5 How many does Lexus have? This puzzle is […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Phil In The Blanks

Many of the brain teasers in my books have a list of short quizzes. As with all my puzzles, the quizzes are such that the entire family (kids, adults and seniors) can chime in with answers, some of which are often amusing. Generally the quizzes get more challenging as you down the list. Try this […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Double Talk

The brain games in my books are devised to be clever. That’s why I named my website  (duh!) However, even more than clever, my intent is for my puzzles to be fun. I want people to get a kick out of the answers. Here’s a brainteaser that everyone enjoys. It’s funny. Try it and […]