Riddle Me This


Here’s an interesting riddle for you. It’s on page 47 of the book shown at the right. Give it a try but be careful. It’s shocking! It can be done with a crime. You can be in it. It can be done to a payment. A bull can do it. It can be done to […]

Amazing Word Games

Car Trouble

The following puzzle is taken from the book entitled Are You Smart, or What? A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone. It really is bizarre too. It has fun features that are not found in any other book. Check it out. Name the make, not model, of the car suggested by each clue. […]

Fun Challenges

Wonder Woman

Below are several women’s names. All names have something in common. It would seem easy enough to identify the common trait. But can you find it? I wonder. This challenge is in the book shown at the right. Chloe                    Esther                   Sarah Christine              Hannah                Theresa Delilah                  Mathilda              Wilhelmina Dinah                    Rhoda                   Rhonda Scroll below for the answer. […]

Anagram Fun

Looking Four-Words

I’m going to use some four-letter words in this puzzle.  They are words that don’t get used when a person gets angry. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. These words are clean four-letter words. The puzzle is uncomplicated and easy to easy to understand. There are five quizzes. Can you get all five […]

Fun Family Quizzes

Time to Rhyme

How fast can you think of rhyming words that fit into context? Try this fun little puzzle and find out. It seems like it’s a pushover but it just might offer a bigger challenge that it appears. Quiz your friends with it and see how fast, or maybe not so fast, it takes them to […]

Anagram Fun

Frase Daze

Are you going to be traveling with your family during the Easter break? Here’s a game to play while heading for grandma’s house. Everybody can chime in with their answers, even the kids. Determine two words associated with the pair of clues that will form a well-known two-word phrase. Example: deceased, exhausted   Answer: dead tired […]

Fun Challenges

City Crisis

Do you have order in your life? Are you good are getting things in order and keeping them in that way? If your answer is yes, well now is your chance to prove it with the following word game taken from the book If You’re So Smart, Prove It!. In what order are the following […]

Fun Family Quizzes

Wear Is the Answer

Here’s a fun puzzle that is all about common wearing apparel. It is taken from page 45 of my latest book entitled The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers. As with my other brain teasers that have a list clues like the one below, the quizzes typically get more challenging as you […]

Anagram Fun

Cleaning Confusion

If you have been following my blog and working my brain games I’m sure you’ve found my games to be different than the common types found in other books of brain teasers. My goal is to devise puzzles that are clever with surprising answers. The brain teasers may seem challenging at first but when the […]

Games for family fun


Have you seen the movie Forest Gump? If you did, I’m sure you remember Forest sitting on a park bench and eating chocolates. During the movie he says “Stupid is as stupid does”. Do you remember that too? Well if these items are familiar to you take a look at the image above. Of course […]