Games for family fun

Tricky Traits

I have an intriguing puzzle for you taken from the book If You’re So Smart, Prove It!. You may find it challenging, yet the answers will be staring you in the face. See how fast you’re able to solve it. It’s a five part word game that goes like this: Each of the following five […]

Games for family fun

Crazy Frases

Have you ever noticed how some phrases seem rather dumb? I’m referring to paradoxical phrases or to be more specific, oxymorons. For instance, doesn’t “pretty ugly” seem totally absurd and self-contradictory? Come on! Pretty is to be beautiful and ugly is the exact opposite. Well anyway, I have made up word quizzes using such ridiculous […]

Fun Family Quizzes

Wear Is the Answer

Here’s a fun puzzle that is all about common wearing apparel. It is taken from page 45 of my latest book entitled The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet with Surprising Answers. As with my other brain teasers that have a list clues like the one below, the quizzes typically get more challenging as you […]

Fun Challenges

Triple Play

How are you at rhymes? Now’s the time to find out. This game was taken from my book entitled If You So Smart, Prove It!, Amusing Word Games For All Ages. Try it. Determine three rhyming words associated with each group of clues. Example: sightless, intellect, good-hearted   Answer: blind, mind, kind combat, correct, after dark […]