Mental exercises

Creature Feature

Here’s a puzzle by Dr. Fun that everyone in the family can enjoy. Quiz your family and see who get the correct answers first. The answers get a bit more challenging as you go down the list. Have fun! Determine the name of the animal that rhymes with the word associated with each clue. Example: […]

Sounds Fishy

If you enjoy fishing you’ll like this puzzle. Of course you don’t have to be a fisherman, you just have to know the names of some fish. Here’s the puzzle taken from page 99 of the book Smart Is as Smart Does. Fill in the blank with the name of a fish with one letter […]

Fun word games

A Typical Word

The top row of letters on a typewriter and computer keyboard is: Q  W  E  R  T  Y  U  I  O  P What common ten-letter word, known to everyone who understands this puzzle can be spelled by using letters selected from this group? The same letter can be used more than once. If you’re having […]

Mental exercises for brain fitness

Anagram Aches

Remember the movie Forest Gump with Tom Hanks? The movie starts with Forest sitting on a park bench eating from a box of chocolates. Well that scene was the inspiration for the cover of the book from which the brain game below was taken. However, instead of Forest’s statement “Stupid is as stupid does”, the […]

Fun Challenges

Triple Play

How are you at rhymes? Now’s the time to find out. This game was taken from my book entitled If You So Smart, Prove It!, Amusing Word Games For All Ages. Try it. Determine three rhyming words associated with each group of clues. Example: sightless, intellect, good-hearted   Answer: blind, mind, kind combat, correct, after dark […]

Fun Challenges

Resolution Resolving

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you still on track with them? Here’s a puzzle about four people, John, Joyce, Jack and Rachel. Each of them made a single New Year resolution. From the facts below see if you can figure out who made what resolution. One person will buy a new […]


How discerning are you? Here is a simple word game that tests your ability to spot a peculiarity. See how fast (or maybe not so fast) you can solve this puzzle of mine. This short paragraph has a very unusual quality. Examine it closely. What is odd? It is a difficult puzzle but I think […]