Games for family fun

Crazy Frases

Have you ever noticed how some phrases seem rather dumb? I’m referring to paradoxical phrases or to be more specific, oxymorons. For instance, doesn’t “pretty ugly” seem totally absurd and self-contradictory? Come on! Pretty is to be beautiful and ugly is the exact opposite. Well anyway, I have made up word quizzes using such ridiculous […]

Puzzles for family fun

Staff Infection

You’re going to get a kick out of this word game. Medical doctors will enjoy it too. Not because it takes a doctor’s degree to solve it. It doesn’t. In fact, this puzzle is super easy. So why will doctors especially enjoy it? Because it mentions various doctor professions. But before I give you the […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Double Talk

The brain games in my books are devised to be clever. That’s why I named my website  (duh!) However, even more than clever, my intent is for my puzzles to be fun. I want people to get a kick out of the answers. Here’s a brainteaser that everyone enjoys. It’s funny. Try it and […]