Sounds Fishy

If you enjoy fishing you’ll like this puzzle. Of course you don’t have to be a fisherman, you just have to know the names of some fish. Here’s the puzzle taken from page 99 of the book Smart Is as Smart Does.

Fill in the blank with the name of a fish with one letter removed from its spelling.Word Fun

Example: Bill Gates is the ___ of Microsoft.

Answer: founder (flounder with the letter “l” removed)

  1. A song begins with ___ the herald angels sing.
  2. The player’s ___ flew off as he slid into home base.
  3. ___ is human and forgiving is divine.
  4. The ___ removed the patient’s gall bladder.

Scroll below for the answers.
















Answer: 1. hark (shark) 2. cap (carp) 3. erring (herring) 4. surgeon (sturgeon)

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