Brain Games for mental fitness

Vexing Vehicle

Here is a quick little mental challenge about cars. Now if you don’t much about cars, you needn’t worry. I guarantee you will know what is necessary to solve this clever little brain teaser. Give it a try. Ford has 3 Pontiac has 4 Cadillac has 5 How many does Lexus have? This puzzle is […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Phil In The Blanks

Many of the brain teasers in my books have a list of short quizzes. As with all my puzzles, the quizzes are such that the entire family (kids, adults and seniors) can chime in with answers, some of which are often amusing. Generally the quizzes get more challenging as you down the list. Try this […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Double Talk

The brain games in my books are devised to be clever. That’s why I named my website  (duh!) However, even more than clever, my intent is for my puzzles to be fun. I want people to get a kick out of the answers. Here’s a brainteaser that everyone enjoys. It’s funny. Try it and […]

Common Cents

Here is a terrific mind bender for you. It’s exceptionally clever. I bet it will challenge your solving skill. I hope you will like it as much as I do.  Here goes. What common items can you purchase at a hardware store that is priced similar to the following? 1 cost $1.00 12 cost $2.00 […]


How discerning are you? Here is a simple word game that tests your ability to spot a peculiarity. See how fast (or maybe not so fast) you can solve this puzzle of mine. This short paragraph has a very unusual quality. Examine it closely. What is odd? It is a difficult puzzle but I think […]

Brain Games for mental fitness

Placement Problem

Here’s a fun little brain game for anyone of any age. It hardly even classifies as a puzzle. It’s merely a short question that doesn’t require any thinking at all. Just answer the question quickly. It’s easy. so here it is: If you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place, […]