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Remember the movie Forest Gump with Tom Hanks? The movie starts with Forest sitting on a park bench eating from a box of chocolates. Well that scene was the inspiration for the cover of the book from which the brain game below was taken. However, instead of Forest’s statement “Stupid is as stupid does”, the book’s title is just the opposite, “Smart Is as Smart Does”.

Here’s the puzzle. It may seem pretty simple but it can be more challenging that it appears. Give it a try. I dare you.

Determine two words associated with the two clues that are spelled with the same letters.

Example: yell, a direction    Answer: shout, south

  1. not fresh, rob
  2. leased, not tough
  3. pencil tip, type of bean
  4. blemish, halt
  5. a garnish, unpleasant shiny light

Scroll below for the answer.


















Answers: 1. stale, steal  2. rented, tender  3. point, pinto  4. spot, stop  5. parsley, players

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