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Looking Four-Words

I’m going to use some four-letter words in this puzzle.  They are words that don’t get used when a person gets angry. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. These words are clean four-letter words. The puzzle is uncomplicated and easy to easy to understand. There are five quizzes. Can you get all five answers in five minutes? Give it a try.Puzzles that make you smarter

Each pair of clues refers to a pair of four-letter words. The two words are composed of the same letters. Determine the pairs of four-letter words.

Example: hill of sand, unclothed   Answer: dune, nude

  1. fibber, guard or rail
  2. smell, entrance barrier
  3. a fruit, harvest
  4. slight smile, circular band
  5. leg wear, foot wear

Scroll below for the answers.















Answers: 1. liar, rail 2. odor, door 3. pear, reap 4. grin, ring 5. hose, shoe

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