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Time to Rhyme

How fast can you think of rhyming words that fit into context? Try this fun little puzzle and find out.

It seems like it’s a pushover but it just might offer a bigger challenge that it appears. Quiz your friends with it and see how fast, or maybe not so fast, it takes them to get the answers.

The puzzle was taken from my book The Cleverest Brain Games on the Planet.Fun Family Quizzes

Complete each sentence with six words that rhyme.

  1. She loved to ___ the baby.
  2. The waterfall was only a ___.
  3. He wanted a ___ with his meal.
  4. You can’t buy anything with a ___.
  5. He needed a ___ to cut the weeds.
  6. She was ___ and had trouble making up her mind.

Scroll below to check your answers with mine.













  1. tickle trickle  3. pickle  4. nickel  5. sickle  6. fickle
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